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Procedure applicable to OHOB lighting installation

The application in the prescribed form shall be got registered at the jurisdictional O&M Sub-division Office.

For supply to bonafide hut services with a single 40 Watt ordinary filament lamp and one 40 Watts tube light the following conditions shall apply:


  1. Hut is defined as a living place not exceeding 300 sq. ft. or 27.87 sq.m. with mud wall/brick wall or thatched wall and thatched roof only with marginal variations relaxable at the discretion of the competent authority. Hut does not include farm huts. If any of the conditions is changed at a later stage, this concession of free supply will be discontinued and the consumer will have to take metered supply.

  2. The consumer should use only a 40 watts bulb in the hut. If desired by the consumer he is permitted to use one more 40 watts tube light only at his own cost. He should not use bulbs/tube lights of higher wattage or connect any other electrical equipment other than those mentioned above. Supply from such services should not be tapped for public meetings. If at any time, any unauthorized load extension is detected, the service will be disconnected forthwith.
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