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Procedure applicable to Irrigation Pump Sets

  1. The application in the prescribed form shall be got registered at the jurisdictional O&M sub-division office.

  2. The applicant shall submit along with the application, certificate of ownership authenticated by the authorised revenue official of that area and in case, if there are more than one person who are owners of the well, the consent letter from other owners.

  3. In case, the applicant desires to draw water from river/channel/sub-channel, Nallah, etc., by installing pump set (s) he shall furnish along with the application a 'No Objection' certificate to lift water, from the concerned Irrigation department, PWD or Revenue department or any other department which may be authorised by the Government to do so.

  4. The feasibility criteria for arranging power supply to irrigation pump sets shall be as prescribed by the department from time to time.

  5. The following measures are suggested for adoption for achieving the efficiency of working of pump sets and reduction in consumption of energy, namely:-

    • Use of the motor and pumpset with optional capacity (HP) having ISI mark;
    • Use of monoblock or directly coupled pump;
    • Use of rigid/PVC pipes and fittings for both suction and delivery side;
    • Limit the length of the delivery pipe to less than 60 cms from ground level;
    • Suction head shall be between 2 and 5 metres.
    • Install the pump set on a levelled and concrete foundation bed.
    • Install low resistance foot valve having 'K' valve less than 0.8 for open wells and 1.2 for bore well. The foot value shall bear ISI mark.
    • Avoid sharp bend in the delivery pipe line.
    • Any other specifications which may be prescribed from time to time by the department.
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