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Transfer Of Service Connection :-

Service connection can be transferred from one consumer to another person subject to the following conditions, namely:-

  • The Consumer shall furnish a consent letter for transferring the installation to the transferee. In the absence of consent letter from the consumer, the transferee shall produce any one of the following documents, in respect of such premises:-

(i)   Proof of heirship;
(ii)  Proof of ownership;
(iii) Proof of occupancy (only in respect of domestic Services);

  • An indemnity bond shall be executed by the consumer indemnifying the department against all disputes that may arise out of such transfer.

  • There shall be no arrears outstanding against the installations.

  • The transferee shall, -

  • furnish certified photo copy of the transfer deed/sale deed, if any;

  • execute a fresh power supply agreement with the department and furnish fresh application;

  • furnish certified photo copy of the licence/clearance issued in his favor by the local authority concerned is such licence/clearance is required under any statute;

  • under take to pay any dues that may arise due to any short claims detected at a later date even in respect of period prior to the date of transfer;

  • pay fresh deposit as if he is a new consumer.

The power supply agreement with the original consumer is deemed to be terminated from the date of order of transfer of installation or from the date of expiry of 7 days from the date of compliance of required formalities by the transferee whichever is earlier.


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