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Temporary Disconnection



The consumer who requires an existing line to be shifted should make an application to the jurisdictional sub-division office, with reasons necessitating shifting of the existing line. The officer of the Electricity Department after making a survey of the site and if the shifting of the existing line is required at the public interest may carry out the same. The cost of shifting an existing line or a new line for which line is laid but service is yet to be effected shall be borne by the consumer/intending consumer. The consumer/intending consumer shall pay the above charges in advance in full. The shifting work will be taken up only after the payment is made. The estimate will cover the following:-

Charges for dismantling at the old site;

Charges for transport from the old site to the new site;

Charges for re-erection at the new site;

Depreciation on retrievable old materials, if any, not reused at the site;

Cost of new materials, if required;

Cost of irretrievable materials;

Overhead charges.

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