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Electrical Safety

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Do's with Electricity
  • Always install the safety equipments like Earth leakage/Overload & Short circuit protection (Circuit breakers/switches) near point of supply at your premises.

  • Ensure that a healthy earthing is installed at your premises.

  • Ensure only IS marked cables of proper capacity are used for your installation and get the wiring done through only Electrical Contractors licensed by the Pondicherry Electrical Licensing Board.

  • Pay the energy bills regularly at the Department's designated cash collection centers and within due date to avoid inconvenience due to disconnection.

  • Use electricity only when needed, switch off the supply when not required.

  • Always use proper capacity fuse wire in main switches.

  • To got proper voltage, install adequate capacitors for inductive loads.

  • Use only IS marked electrical equipments.

  • As per Electricity Act 2003, it is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure safety of the energy meter and metering equipment installed in their respective premises. 

  • For rectification of faults in your installations, call licensed electrical contractors only.

  • For any difficulty related to electricity supply, always contact department's authorities at their offices.

  • If energy meter provided is found stopped/faulty, please bring the facts to the notice of Electricity Department authorities immediately.

  • Apply for your service connection for Electricity in the prescribed form obtainable free of cost from the Section Office.

  • Enter all the particulars required in the application form.

  • Produce proper documents/ records to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which electricity supply is required. In case you are a tenant, produce evidence for lawful occupation of the premises.

  • Either deliver the application to the Section Office in person and obtain proper acknowledgement or send it to the section officer by registered post acknowledgement due.

  • Pay security deposit and service connection charges before the specified date to avoid cancellation of the application.

  • Provide space for fixing the meter at a convenient place in the ground floor for easy accessibility to the Assessor for taking meter reading.

  • In all storeyed buildings, irrespective of the number of floors, provide space for fixing meter, cut-out etc., in the ground floor only.

  • While connecting additional loads like lights, fans, etc., and other electric appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, Water-heaters etc., ensure that the meter capacity is adequate. If the meter capacity is not adequate, contact the Section Officer for installing higher capacity meter.

  • Use electricity only for purpose for which the service connection has been given (i.e. domestic).

  • Safeguard the meter and other equipments of the Electricity Department in your premises.

  • Construct your building with proper clearance from the existing High Tension/Low Tension lines as per the Indian Electricity Rules 1956.(vide rule 79 & 80).

  • If the building does not have adequate frontage and the line has to go through or over the adjoining premises of other owners arrange for necessary way-leave at your own cost for running the lines.

  • Get your supply converted from single-phase to three-phase if the total connected load exceeds 4000 watts.

  • Observe safety precautions to avoid electrical accidents.

  • Replace promptly defective electrical fittings and appliances.

  • Pay electricity consumption bills and additional security deposit promptly at authorised cash counters only.

  • Pay the electricity consumption charges at the beginning of the month to avoid rush on the last date.

  • If your service connection has been disconnected for non-payment, you may pay the amount due and the reconnection charges and intimate the Section officer/Junior Engineer and avail reconnection.

  • If the meter is found to be defective and not running , bring the matter to the notice of the Section Officer in writing for replacement by a healthy meter.

  • Get the internal wiring checked up periodically not only to avoid leakage of electricity but also to safeguard the lives of the inmates in the premises.
Do Not's with Electricity
  • Do not connect multiple equipments to a single point outlet to avoid excess loading.

  • Avoid loose connections and joints.

  • Avoid theft electricity energy, It is cognizable offence and attracts penal charges and / or imprisonment.

  • Do not tamper with energy meters, meter seals or metering equipments, it is an offence.

  • Do not pay your bill amounts to unauthorized persons. Pay only at Electricity Department's cash collections center and obtain receipts.

  • Do not plant trees below the overhead power lines.

  • Do not meddle with live wires /points. It may cost your life.

  • Do not get the wiring works done by unauthorized persons, which is an office under the Indian Electricity Rules 1956.

  • Do not use substandard wires and wiring accessories. Do not install fittings and appliances of poor quality.

  • Do not give the application before completing the wiring in your premises.

  • Do not hand over the application to the Board staff; don’t send it by ordirnarty post.

  • Do not delay to pay the security depoait and the service connection charges once the advice for payment is recieved.

  • Do not construct your building underneath a High Tension or Low-Tension line without proper clearance.

  • Do not shift the meter or meter board without proper sanction by the Electricity Department
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