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In accordance with the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2005 and to act as a guide to the general public, the department had brought out a hand book with 18 chapters that describes the various activities of the department. The manual has been prepared in order to have transparency and accountability about the activities of the Public Authority, namely - The Electricity Department of the Government of Puducherry. Click the respective chapter links to view details contained in each chapter:

No Chapter Manual
Brief description of contents
Index INDEX Index to Right to Information Act
1 Chapter-1 INTRO Introduction to Right to Information Act
2 Chapter-2 01 Particulars of Organization, Function and duties
3 Chapter-3 02 Power and Duties of Officers and Employees
4 Chapter-4 03 Acts, Rules, Regulations, Manuals and Records for discharging function
5 Chapter-5 04 Particulars of arrangement for policy formulation
6 Chapter-6 05 Statement of categories of documents held in control
7 Chapter-7 06 Statement of Boards, Council, Committee and other Bodies Constituted
8 Chapter-8 07 Names, Designation and other particulars of Public Information officers
9 Chapter-9 08 Procedure followed in Decision making process
10 Chapter-10 09 Directory of Officers, Employee and other remuneration
11 Chapter-11 10 Monthly remuneration and system of compensation as per regulations
12 Chapter-12 11 Particulars of Plans and Expenditure
13 Chapter-13 12 Manner of execution of subsidy programme
14 Chapter-14 13 Particulars of recipients of concessions, permit or authorization granted
15 Chapter-15 14 Norms set for functional discharge
16 Chapter-16 15 Information available in electronic form
17 Chapter-17 16 Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information
18 Chapter-18 17 Other useful information
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